The Art of Luxury Packaging

The Art of Luxury Packaging


At Bicknells, we pride ourselves on selling beautiful items to our customers that they can adore for a lifetime. From easy-wearing gold jewellery like hoop earrings and bracelets to our dazzling diamond rings, bracelets and neckwear. However, the way we package our products is just as important. We pride ourselves on offering our customers boxes that reflect the exceptional quality of our products. 

Our recently redesigned 2024 boxes feature a refined navy blue colour elegantly embossed with our logo and a luxurious cushioned texture.





Inside, a stunning white velvet insert decorated with gold trimmings and an exquisite faux diamond button for an added touch of elegance and sophistication.







So, whether you're proposing to your special person or presenting a gift to a family member or loved one, our boxes are sure to add to the moment which will make it memorable forever! 





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