Join the Virtual Appointment Queue


Welcome to the Bicknell's Jewellers Wedding Show booth! 

We're a bit busy right now helping others with their enquiries. Below, you'll find our contact number and WhatsApp number. To join the queue, simply send us a message. Text us with your name, and we'll help you as soon as possible.


Text us here: 

Phone number: +44 7803 793 469


And that's it! We'll base your queue time on what time you messaged us. Relax and enjoy the Wedding Show, and we'll send you a message when you're next in line. 


After You've Seen Us

Once you've spoken to a member of our staff, make sure to book your follow-up appointment (if required) to ensure your visit in our Birmingham-based showroom . If you'd prefer to message us in advance of your visit, text us using the numbers above.

Thank you for attending this year's wedding show!